Why Warranties Service & Repairs?

  • WSR simplifies the process of managing repairs and servicing of goods under warranty
  • WSR streamlines management of multiple warranty contracts for customers
  • WSR manages assets with/without serial numbers allowing for change of ownership and/or location
  • WSR is integrated within NetSuite and WSR data is available throughout the NetSuite business process

Features & Benefits

configConfigure for your business

As there is no typical way for businesses to record repairs and warranties, this module has been designed to be configurable for your company’s specific terminology and requirements.

person-subcontractorAssign repairs to person or subcontractor

Repairs can be assigned to a specific person or a subcontractor identified on the vendor record.

estimatesCreate estimates

Estimates can be created for repairs outlining cost of parts and labor. These estimates can then be printed or emailed to the customer.

history-trackingFull repairs history tracking

A log of the assets repair history over time is created and multiple repairs can be logged and tracked for a single item. Information such as repair category and priority can be added to the repair.

warranties service repairs

pricingCustomer specific pricing

Integrates with NetSuite’s pricing structure to allow for specific customer pricing on both parts and labor.

job cardCreates a job card

A job card can be created and sent to the engineer who is carrying out the repair.

sale orders invoicesCreates Sale Orders & Invoices

A sales order and subsequent billing can be created for any work carried out, including labor and parts.


All data resides in NetSuite therefore, in addition to the amendable standard reports available, users can also create their own reports within NetSuite.

warrantyCreate a warranty with sale

An item can be set up with a warranty at the point of fulfilment.

multiple contractsMultiple contracts per customer

Each customer can have multiple contracts set up against them for different products, or a single contract with multiple assets.

ownershipChange ownership of asset

If an asset moves between locations this can be tracked and amended in the system.

automatic renewalAutomatically generate renewal notices

Renewal letters for contracts that are due to expire can be automatically generated, with the date of expiry and the cost to renew shown.

scheduleSchedule Engineers

Use the NetSuite diary functionality to schedule engineers to both repairs and servicing jobs allowing you to better utilize your staff.

What do our customers say:

“With Eureka’s Warranties Service and Repairs module for Netsuite we are able to have our repairs system fully integrated within our ERP software, creating a warranty solution that includes our contract management, asset tracking and repairs – all in one place. Eureka customised the Netsuite module to completely fit with our business, providing one easy-to-use system, streamlining our processes, centralising our data and eliminating duplication of data entry.”

Charlie Cowpe – Systems manager, De Soutter Medical

“WSR for Netsuite  has not only transformed our repairs and servicing process it has allowed us to transform our customer service and add value to our sales and marketing function.”
“Before WSR we had disparate systems that required transfer of information – this meant inaccurate and out of date information – WSR resolved this.”
“WSR gives us accurate information on service calls, when they are due and where they are, allowing us to both coordinate and upsell our services.”