Eureka Addons – Customer Testimonials

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“Having had previous bad experience of costly customisation, we have been delighted with Eureka’s Addon modules. Almost all of our previous bespoke requirements were fulfilled with prebuilt, field tested addons, giving additional confidence in the product. I lost track of the number of times my end users said “but we need it to do…” and I was able to find an addon.

Throughout our implementation, Eureka’s experience meant they often anticipated our requirements, and when we required slight customisation, the work was provided at the same high standard as any addon.

As a small company needing to keep track of 35,000 different product lines across 3 sites, our requirements could be interpreted as challenging. Eureka helped roll out an upgrade to our ERP System without losing a day’s trade. I would not hesitate to recommend Eureka to any supplier looking for an ERP System, particularly in a retail environment.”

Anthony Dornan BSc (Hons), IT Manager, Artstore Ltd

“With Eureka’s (Warranties, Service & Repairs) module we are able to have our repairs system fully integrated within our ERP System, creating a system that includes our contract management, asset tracking and repairs – all in one place.

Eureka customised the module to completely fit with our business, providing one easy-to-use system, streamlining our processes, centralising our data and eliminating duplication of data entry.”

Charlie Cowpe, Systems manager, De Soutter Medical

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“Eureka spoke to me in detail and then reconstructed our system from the ground up.  Working closely with us they have fully understood our needs and given us a first class system meeting our specific requirements.

I cannot begin to describe the difference Eureka’s interventions have made to the way we operate and I have a lot of respect for the way Eureka operates.  With Eureka, the after-sales and support package that comes with the product seems, if anything, to be getting better as time goes on.”

John Breslin, Kelvin Power Tools, Hillington, Glasgow

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“Eureka was selected over other business partners as they had the skills to tweak and develop the software which ensured I never heard the statement “the software won’t do that”. Substantial work was carried out to ensure the software matched our processes rather than our processes being forced to change.

We made good use of Eureka’s development team which came up with easy solutions to irritating repetitive tasks which we had to carry out. We also took full advantage of various Eureka addons which to be honest I thought was a sales pitch when I was first introduced to them. However after seeing them in use, I couldn’t get them installed quick enough. Our ERP System is a good system but a few addons make it that little bit better.”

Steven Donnachie, Company Accountant, Neogen Europe Ltd

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“As our company expanded we outgrew our old ERP System and we were faced with the daunting task of switching to a more accommodating product. The migration process to our new ERP System was made entirely painless with the aid of their inventive and intelligent specialists. Eureka’s ERP System addons have proven to be incredibly beneficial to us and having Eureka ‘in our corner,’ evolving new processes and assisting in future development is a crucial part of our future resource planning.”

John McAndrew, Westside Distribution

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“Eureka’s Addons have really made our ERP System work for us and their bespoke products have been outstanding. They have taken the time to understand our requirements thoroughly and have been perceptive and responsive in providing the solutions we need.”

Bill Davies , IT Manager, VW Heritage